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Structured Cabling Systems

The foundation of your business begins with the structured cabling infrastructure, which leads your team of network engineers. H2 Systems specializes in the build out and installation of copper voice and data cabling as well as fiber optic installation. We provide complete design and implementation for your network infrastructure.

Voice and Data Cabling 

H2 Systems offers design and build out of structured voice and data cabling infrastructure as well as access point association and wireless AP implementation. We offer Cat5e, Cat6, or Cat6a.

Cat5e is an older form of copper cabling with a slightly limited bandwidth compared to Cat6 or Cat6a. Cat5e is a fit for analog/digital phone systems or networks that are accessing data from a local server. If you are installing a VoIP ( Voice over Internet Protocol) phone system or part of your network is cloud based then Cat6 or better may be the best solution. Access point association and wireless AP setup

All copper cabling is tested and certified with our Fluke DTX-​1200 Cable Analyzer which allows us to provide test results and measurements on: length, wiremap, near-end crosstalk, attenuation-to-crosstalk ratio far end, return loss, delay skew between pair, propagation delay, DC loop resistance, insertion loss (attenuation), and power sum. Hard and soft copies can be provided.

Fiber Optic Cabling

H2 Systems offers Outside Plant and Premises fiber optic cabling. Site surveys allow us to determine the cable type: 62.5 Multi-mode, 50 micron 10Gig Multi-Mode, Single Mode, or Hybrid Multi-Mode/Single-Mode. Fiber type is determined by length of pull, bandwidth requirements and environment.

We offer FUSEconnect connector terminations instead of"mechanical connectors". FUSEConnect utilizes a fusion splicer to terminate the connector in the field, addressing return loss concerns in optical networks. Fusing cable provides many benefits for longterm durability and signal strength.

Fiber Fusion

H2 Systems offers fiber fusion over the traditional mechanical splicing. With many advantages to fusion, the main reason we use it is for the connectivity guarantee. Our experienced and highly trained technicians use our FUSEconnect connector terminations instead of"mechanical connectors", addressing return loss concerns in optical networks. 

Network Design and Build Out

We know that as you grow, so will your network needs. Building and designing an infrastructure which is capable of meeting the needs of the initial workload as well as room for future growth involves knowledge and strategic planning. H2 Systems specializes in building cable infrastructures, redesigning and organizing existing locations.


With over 25 years of experience, our team of professionals specialize in helping design your network infrastructre from the ground up. The design element of your MDF & IDFs is very important.  We excel in designing an aesthetically pleasing IT closet and making it easily manageable for future growth. All work is done according to the telecom industry standards. 

Build Out

H2 systems team is highly trained to pay attention to detail and to execute the design as planned. With out highly trained project managers, our build outs are fast and efficient.

Closet Clean Up and Cable Identification

We specialize in converting your out of control IT closest into an easily managed network. 


We also help move existing networks to new work spaces and can provide a map to your network to help identify(as-built) cables.
H2 Systems specializes in building cable infrastructures, redesigning and organizing existing locations. 

Sound Masking

Sound Masking can be an important key to the success of a business. Creating an environment with white noise helps establish a constant low level of sound. In return, it establishes an ambiance which have proven benefits of increased productivity. Although, the main reason for sound masking systems is normally speech privacy, there are many other benefits. These benefits include:

- Reduced distractions caused by unwanted noise and sounds

- Improves employee confidence

- Decreased turn over rates

- Conversational and Noise Distractions are limited, increasing overall productivity

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Business Media and Audio Install

With the world of technology we live in today, most companies have a need for video conferencing.  Being virtually connected to employees as well as clients is important. H2 Systems will help you create and implement a functioning work space that meets your specific needs. Our services include, drop down screens, video walls, projectors, in wall/ceiling mount speakers, wall mounted televisions and articulating cameras. Contact us for more information - Info@H2systemsinc.com

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